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A Winters/Nixon Community

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This community was created so all Winters/Nixon fans from the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers could come together and enjoy the pairing. Nothing here is owned by the moderators or the community members except for their creative talent. No money is being made. Your mod and co-mod are othersideoftime and talipuu. We'd like to welcome you into the community
Rules & Regulations
1. You may post RPS of the actors that portrayed Winters and Nixon, however, it has to be fic or art. News, gossip, etc. is not going to be tolerated.

2. Everything MUST go under an LJ cut. Don't know how to do one? Find out before posting.

3. Do no f-lock fic to your journal and then post a link to it here! I know some of you may be worried about adult content, but if you f-lock it, how are people supposed to read it? Please repost as a new entry here. Everything here is under friends lock, so you should be safe.

4. Don't join this community if you're just going to bash the pairing or start fights here. Do that in your own journal with your own time. Be nice and get along with each other; LJ drama shouldn't occur between people with a common interest. Although, if something does arise, please contact a mod. We will handle the problem in the best way we can. The general rules for punishment go as followed
-1st Warning: A reminder from one of the mods regarding the rules.
-2nd Warning: A temporary ban for 3 days.
-3rd Warning: A temporary 2 week ban and no posting access.
-Three strikes and then you're out: Permanant ban from the community.

5. This is a Winters/Nixon community. Do not post Lipton/Speirs, Winters/Speirs, Nixon/Lipton or any other pairing that does not belong here. Threesomes are no longer allowed for posting. Any incest and/or underage sex is not tolerated, either.

6. Recent events that have taken place on LJ has led to the f-locking of this community, only so that we don't get in trouble with the content. So please, when uploading fics/icons/artwork, post it to members only.

7. This community is open for all members of all ages, just because young and old both enjoy this pairing. However, be aware of what you read and read at your own risk. The mods are not going to play parents, so if you find something you don't like, don't come to one of us and ask us to take it down unless it is offensive.

8. Do not tag your entries; the mods will take care of that. Any tags created that are not on the tag list will be deleted.
Affiliates & Etc.
If you'd like to affiliate with no_vices, or if you have any questions/concerns/comments, send a private message to your friendly mods!

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